Easily Get The Places You Need

Note:  You cannot apply for your central Illinois conceal carry license on a mobile device, this includes tablets.  You must be on a computer or laptop.

Illinois State Police Site

You can click below to go apply for your licence and/or renewal.
Note:  You will have to meet the following criteria:
1. Must be 21 or older
2. Must posses a Valid F.O.I.D. card
3. Must have last 10 years of residence available  

Florida Conceal Carry License

Click apply and then follow the instructions on the site.  All you need to get a Florida Non-Resident license is the certificate you got from NSD for your IL license.

Make sure you follow their instructions  

Uscca Reciprocity Map and IL Gun Laws

Click below to see a map of where your IL permit is accepted and overview of IL gun laws.