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Are you looking for the best and most affordable concealed carry classes Central Illinois has to offer?  Well, then you came to the right place. North Star Defense LLC is giving families and individuals the information, training, and confidence to feel safe at home and in public. North Star Defense LLC is dedicated to providing a quality service in and around the Peoria, IL area.

Concealed Carry Classes Central Illinois

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NSD is your best source for central Illinois concealed carry classes.


16, 8, & 3hr(renewal) Classes

Advanced Concealed Carry 


Working from your concealed carry holster, we will deep dive to an effective holster draw and practice live firing at the gun range.  Add to the skills you learned in our central Illinois concealed carry classes.

Women Only Basic & Advanced Courses


NSD specializes in working with women on the range.  From target shooting to advanced defense tactics, we will tailor the class to meet your individual needs.  Bring your friends and have fun while you learn to shoot.  



Youth and Teen Confidence Courses


The best way to keep your kids safe is to teach them about firearms.  Our youth confidence courses allow kids and teens to hone in their safety knowledge and hunting skills while learning the fundaments of effective shooting techniques.




Private Lessons


Are you interested in learning how to shoot or maybe just fine tuning skills?   The private lesson is the perfect option for you.  The private lesson is a 2 hour session tailored to your specific needs.   


NRA Basic Pistol Course


If you are a new shooter and are interested in learning safety and the fundamentals of shooting, this class is for you.  You will also earn 8 hours towards the 16 hour concealed carry class.  


NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home


Learn to defend your home and set up a plan for your family should someone break the sanctity of your home.  

Must have NRA Basic Pistol Course.


NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home

Learn how to defend yourself out there on the streets.  Learn how to draw from your holster and use cover to your advantage.   Plus, so much more. 

Must have NRA Personal Protection Inside the home.


NRA Range Safety Officer Certification

Learn what it takes to become a range safety officer and run a range.  Contact us to get your RSO certification today. 


Range Day


How long has it been since you shot?  Have a new gun to try?  Want to blow off some steam?  Book a range day.  Bring the family.  


Test Drive Gun Rental Program

Looking for a gun?  Not sure what you want?  Come test drive all of our guns before you buy.  Don't leave it to the person behind the gun counter to tell you want you want.  


Knife Sharpening


Need your knife razor sharp?  Let NSD put the perfect edge on your blade with our Wicked Edge TM sharpening system.  Pocket knives, kitchen knives, etc.